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About This Is My South

The Southern United States is an area as diverse as some countries and this website aims to encourage travel to this part of the world and make people see more than just stereotypes. You can visit the beaches of South Carolina, the cities in Georgia and Tennessee and the marshlands of Louisiana.

What is The South?

For the purposes of this website, the “South” is considered to be Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Mississippi and Louisiana. Additional posts will focus on Florida and Arkansas.

Why Visit the South?

The travel industry in the southern states isn’t overdeveloped like it is in many parts of the country. It is still relatively cheap to travel here and many places rely on tourism for the majority of their income. The food, music and arts are the product of hundreds of years of combined cultures, including French, African and English influences.

• Georgia was the 4th fastest-growing destination in the U.S. for international travelers, with a 19 percent increase.

• National Geographic featured St. Augustine, Florida and Memphis, Tennessee, as it’s Best Trips for 2013.

• Lonely Planet featured the Gulf Coast regions of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama in it’s Best of Travel 2013.

• Conde Nast Traveler named Nashville and New Orleans in it’s Best Places to Go in 2013.

• Tourism and hospitality employ more New Orleanians than any other sector.

• Among Travel + Leisure‘s World’s Best Awards 2013, in the Top Cities in US and Canada category, four out of ten were in the South: Charleston, South Carolina (#1), New Orleans, Louisiana (#4), Savannah, Georgia (#7), and Washington DC (#10).

• The New York Times named Nashville and Atlanta in their “52 Places to Go in 2014” and Orlando , Miami and New Orleans in their same list for 2015.

• Travel + Leisure included Louisville, Orlando, Miami and Durham as their Best Places to Travel in 2015.

• Lonely Planet named New Orleans and Greenville for Best in the US 2015.

Why Should I Read This Is My South?

This website is a travel guide for all things South, featuring accommodation reviews, restaurant recommendations and activities for all ages and budgets. There is no other travel website as devoted to the region as This Is My South.

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