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A First Timer’s Guide to the Mud Bog

Mud Bog

Every Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the Dallas Mud Bogg brings together monster truck lovers from all over Georgia to do some old fashioned mudding. I’ve never experienced it before, but there was no time like the present.

Mud Bog

Mud bogging (also known as mud racingmud runningmud drags, or mudding) is a form of off-road motorsport popular in Canada and the United States in which the goal is to drive a vehicle through a pit of mud of a set length. Winners are determined by the distance traveled through the pit. However, if several vehicles are able to travel the entire length, the time taken to traverse the pit will determine the winner. Typically, vehicles competing in mud bogs are four-wheel drives. – via Wikipedia

If you have your own truck you can drive around for the first few hours. But be prepared if you need pulling out by having a wench and rope with you. At the end of the day the “professionals” come out and put on a show, often winning prizes.

Mud Bog

Lesson #1: Dress the Part. I wasn’t sure what the dress code would be but what I saw was mostly camo. But when the rain was combined with the mud I was glad to be wearing a rain jacket and rain boots. Whatever you wear will need to be washed so don’t wear anything expensive.

Lesson #2: Make New Friends. Upon arrival we were offered homemade moonshine. I respectfully declined but knowing people is how you end up riding in one of the trucks if you don’t have your own. Luckily my dad’s friend had a truck and drove my sisters and I around in the mud a few times.

Mud Bog

Lesson #3: Follow the Rules. Don’t be stupid. You can get seriously hurt if your truck turns over or if you drive while drunk. Don’t let the kids drive because they aren’t toys. The same rules from the “real world” apply here.

Mud Bog

If You Go

Costs vary depending on the organizers, but we paid $15 per person. No glass is allowed and drivers must be 16, but we saw both of these rules broken.

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