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Atlanta Movie Tours’ Big Zombie 3 Tour

atlanta movie tours

Fans of The Walking Dead have spoken, expressing interest in visiting even more filming locations from the hit cable show. So Atlanta Movie Tours took notice, launching a third tour over a year ago. Whereas Big Zombie 1 focuses on the first two seasons and other zombie shows and Big Zombie 2 highlights locations from the third and following seasons, Big Zombie 3 is for mega fans. Nicknamed “The Death Tour,” this tour takes guests to some of the locations where notable characters met their ends.

atlanta movie tours

“Big Jakes”

Like its Big Zombie 2 tour, this tour leaves from The Waking Dead Cafe in downtown Senoia and transportation can be arranged from the Atlanta office. We hit the road with Colin, my guide from Big Zombie 2 and show extra, and our driver “Magic Mike.” We got a quick glimpse at the Alexandria set, still in use but not during our visit. But apparently, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (“Negan”) had been wandering around town a few days prior. The first recognizable place was “Big Jakes,” better known as Southern Country Steakhouse. It was the bar where Merle sipped out of a bottle before taking on the Governor and where the cast had a wrap party. It was named Jakes on the show as a nod to one of Greg Nicotero’s crew.

atlanta movie tours

Where Daryl Meets the Claimers

Next up was Crook Road, a rural road with no homes that has been used extensively in seasons two to the present. It was here that Rick and Daryl chase Jesus after he steals their truck, where Bob is picked up and taken to the prison, and where Enid and Carl go rollerskating in one of the show’s lighter moments. Close by is the railroad tracks where Denise is shot with an arrow by Dwight and where the Survivors later go in search for Daryl’s bike. The exterior of the Scavengers compound was also pointed out, but the interior was filmed at Raleigh Studios, the studio now owned by AMC.

atlanta movie tours

Where Morgan Cuts Down a Hanging Walker

Colin pointed out a building in the distance where Noah died in the horrific revolving door scene. The American Tanning & Leather complex was where Shane and Rick go to drop off Randall instead of killing him, but the situation takes a turn. Also on this street is where Glenn sees the sign for Terminus that Maggie left for him. In later seasons, Rosita, Daryl, and Denise change directions here because of a downed tree. In Griffin, we saw where the Governor has mistakenly sees Penny before he meets Tara and her family, the building where the Claimers stay for the night, the bridge where Abraham acquires cigars and rockets, and where Carol fights a Savior. The group got off the bus at the Old County Courthouse, where Doc Holliday once stayed, now a veterans affairs building. It was here that Morgan cut down a walker the Saviors had hung from an electrical pole.

atlanta movie tours

Where the Saviors Hang a Walker

The Olde School Textiles & Frnshng building in Griffin was the site of the “Bob-B-Q” and the Easy Shop is where we saw Abraham rescue a frantic Eugene in Texas after losing his family. We got off the bus on Old Griffin Road to see the overpass where the Saviors hung one of their defectors. Next, we visited the town of Hampton where the infamous Dumpster scene with Nicholas and Glenn took place. Here you can pose in the “Selfie Spot.” In a later episode, Glenn and Enid argue here about going back to Alexandria. And earlier, on the main street, Annie falls and is eaten by the dead.

atlanta movie tours

Site of the Dumpster Scene

We later drove the stretch of highway frequently used on the show, Highway 20, near Atlanta Motor Speedway. It was here that the Survivors searched for Sophia in season 1 and where the team constructs a “Walker Clothesline” to rid themselves of a herd. During this time, base camp was set up at the speedway for its plentiful space. Our last stop of the day before returning to Senoia was Carol’s Kingdom House, rented by the show, near Fayetteville.

atlanta movie tours

Carol’s Kingdom Home

The Big Zombie 3 Tour costs $69 and runs on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, lasting three hours. All tours start at 2:30 pm so that guests who want to go on Big Zombie 1 earlier can do both. You can also check out their Hunger Games, Gone with the Wind, and Atlanta Movies and TV tours.

Atlanta Movie Tours provided a ticket to go on the Big Zombie 3 tour, but all opinions, and photos, are our own. 

Mentioned in this post
  1. The Waking Dead Cafe
    Restaurant in Coweta County Georgia

    48 Main St
    Coweta County Georgia
    (770) 727-9085
  2. Southern Country Steakhouse
    Restaurant in Coweta County Georgia

    34 Chestlehurst Rd
    Coweta County Georgia
    (770) 599-9616
  3. Crook Road
    Coweta County Georgia

    Crook Rd
    Coweta County Georgia
  4. Raleigh Studios
    Attraction in Senoia Georgia

    600 Chestlehurst Rd
    Senoia Georgia
    (888) 960-3456
  5. American Tanning & Leather
    Attraction in Spalding County Georgia

    730 Pimento Ave
    Spalding County Georgia
    (770) 228-4433
  6. Griffin
    City in Georgia

    Griffin Georgia
  7. Olde School Textiles & Frnshng
    Attraction in Spalding County Georgia

    502 N Hill St
    Spalding County Georgia
    (770) 233-9153
  8. Easy Shop
    Attraction in Spalding County Georgia

    375 N 13th St
    Spalding County Georgia
    (770) 227-3162
  9. Hampton (Georgia)
    City in Georgia

    Hampton (Georgia) Georgia
  10. Atlanta Motor Speedway
    Attraction in Henry County Georgia

    1500 Tara Pl
    Henry County Georgia
    (770) 946-4211

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