Film Friday: War Dogs

Based on a true story, War Dogs tells of two twenty-something men who get a United States military contract to supply weapons to American allies in Afghanistan. Called “war dogs,” they profit from overseas conflicts. Miles Teller, Jonah Hill, and Bradley Cooper star in the film. Filmed In: Miami, Florida; Additional scenes filmed in California, […]

old salem

Visiting Old Salem Museum and Gardens

Before there was the city of Winston-Salem, there was just Salem. Settled by members of the Moravian faith from modern Czechia, an offshoot of the Protestant denomination, Salem was originally called Wachovia. It was founded in the 1700s and included both municipal and residential buildings for members of the church. The church owned the land […]

Marietta Food Tours

I’ve been on countless food tours around the South, but I had the unique opportunity to take one in my hometown. I’m a native of Marietta, a suburb of Atlanta, and am frequently telling others of the great eateries nearby. But there were some I hadn’t even been to. That’s where Marietta Food Tours comes […]