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Exploring the Swimming Holes of the Southeast

The hottest days of the summer are still left to come. But thankfully it’s the perfect time to explore these swimming holes of the Southeast. Bring your swimsuit and a group of friends to these spots in North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. Did we leave any out? Let us know in the comments below. North […]

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Packing for Southern Music Festivals

Festival season is here and in every corner of the region, there’s a different type of music event happening. Tennessee has Bonnaroo. Alabama has Hangout. And we can’t forget about Kentucky’s Forecastle. But how do you prepare for these Southern music festivals? We’ve got your essentials right here. Packing for Camping Not all festivals involve […]

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Music Monday: St. Paul and the Broken Bones

Credit: Tyler Garcia St. Paul and the Broken Bones formed in 2012 in Birmingham, Alabama. It’s made up of six members, featuring Paul Janeway on vocals. They also tour with trombone and baritone saxophones. Janeway and bassist Jesse Phillips had been playing together for many years but decided to give music one last shot before moving onto their other careers. […]

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11 Unusual and Outdated Southern Laws

For better or worse, the South is a place where some laws hold strong, even well after they should. For example, many states still restrict the sale of alcohol on Sundays, some barring it completely while others only allow it after 12:30, when church lets out. And loopholes allow for casinos to exist in some […]

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